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CNN NEWS - Medical Marijuana Without The High

Medical Marijuana Without The High

CNN NEWS - Medical Marijuana Without The High

Cannabis is a plant with unique medical properties, and refers to the parts of the plant which are used in medicine.
The manner of organic growing, maintaining a high concentration of active ingredients, hybridizing while performing continuous laboratory examinations, and mainly matching and designating various strains to various diseases together with the patient.
Until the 1930’s medications which contained extracts of the plant were part of the world’s pharmacopeia, only in 1937 was medical use of Cannabis in the United States halted.

In Europe, medical use of Cannabis products continued until the early 1970’s.
The plant contains more than 462 substances, from which more than 100 cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids have been identified.
Most famous among the cannabinoids is the THC, which was first identified and isolated in 1964 at the Weisman Institute by Professors Yehiel Gaoni and Rephael Mechoulam, who received the Israel Prize for his research of Cannabis.
Different strains of Cannabis contain different concentrations and ratios of the active ingredients.

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One thought on “CNN NEWS - Medical Marijuana Without The High”

  • Joyce

    My son has a brain injury , in the past 2 years has had episodes of paranioa and delusional issues. We have tried many physc. Meds but seems like it's worsened the issues. Smoking weed hasn't helped but not sure if it's made it worse. We would love to try the CBD to help with elevating what the thc does. What advice would you give to us! He is 40 years old and was 20 when had his accident .

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