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Interview with Greg Cooper

MS Patient Testemonie

Interview with Greg Cooper

From the film documentary: "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High"

I found this scene to be very moving and inspirational, as well as informative. It gives a good perspective on how the "Drug War" in the United States is not just a crime, but not a victimless crime either.

Greg Cooper is a medical marijuana patient with Multiple Sclerosis and Ataxia who shows that marijuana has very obvious medical uses. For those of you that don't know, Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that causes the bodies immune systems to attack the patients central nervous system (including the brain, and the spine), causing tons of major and painful symptoms, among shown here are severe pain, twitching, and muscle spasms. This is a broad definition and you can learn more about it by following the links below.

Show this to your friends, and encourage them to buy the full length film.

I take no credit for any of this, all I did was cut this out and put it in between some text, lol.

Links You SHOULD Click On

Another MS patient named Tim Timmons can be found here on YouTube, and he spreads the word that needs to be spread. Awareness is power, and my heart goes out to this man for his courageous acts to defend the freedom of himself and his fellow Americans. A means to end suffering should NEVER be criminalized.

Official web page of the film:

Official film trailer:

To learn more about Multiple Sclerosis

The Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (This is humbling):

For more information about Ataxia, visit:

Want to become part of the movement to reform marijuana laws? Visit:

Also, do I come across as the type of guy who won't delete comments making fun of this guy? :O Waste your time if you want but I mean I figure you could be spankin' it or something else much more productive with your time.

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