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From this, you can already see that YouTube is slowly removing all information. The film above was about different healing methods of many discoverers who had cured people of cancer, among other things.
The film above was online at Youtube from 2009 and was taken down in year 2024.

So what do you think is going on?

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Can cancer and many other serious diseases be cured without pain?

Have you been suffering from pain or serious complaints for a long time?

Has your doctor given up on you? Is there nothing more that medical science can do for you?


About The Health Cure

This website www.thehealthcure.org is a health and wellness related website that provides information on various natural health therapies, alternative medicine, and healthy lifestyle tips.

Visitors to this website can find information on a wide range of health and healing topics, from natural remedies and nutrition for general health improvement to specific treatments for diseases and conditions such as cancer, arthritis, and diabetes. The information on the website is mainly based on personal experiences, research, and interviews with experts in the alternative medicine and natural health community.

One of the highlights of the website is its 'Videos' section, where visitors have access to an extensive library of videos focused on various health related topics. These videos are from experts in the fields of natural health, alternative medicine, and holistic wellness who share their knowledge and experiences with viewers. You will also find many documentaries on the history of these subjects.

Overall, The Health Cure is a useful resource for people looking for information on alternative medicine and natural health treatments. However, because the site is not managed by medical professionals, it is important to always keep in mind the "ask your doctor" rule before making decisions that could affect your health and wellness.

About the founder

Founder and administrator of the website, Brian started making hemp oil in August 2009. After seeing the movie Run From The Cure, made by RIck Simpson, Brian had the urge to continue his work in Holland. Meanwhile, The Health Cure is also operating in countries such as France, Spain and England. 

Brian had a website built where you can find all the information about medical Cannabis Oil and many more medicinal herbs and plant extracts and health topics. As more and more evidence emerged that Cannabis Oil could actually cure people of cancer, among other things, Brian received many enquiries from people all over the world seeking help to make the oil for them. Over the years you can see that the Cannabis Medicine is becoming more and more tolerated in many countries. We are not there yet, but we hope that more doctors and scientists will study this miraculous plant.

Since 2009, Brian and his wonderfull Team has been able to build a large database of people who have experienced the tremendous benefits of Cannabis Oil.  It has been shown that people can and have been cured of cancer in a short period of time. And this without having to suffer through all the chemical treatments and/or medications with their negative side effects.

Hemp Oil also known as Cannabis or Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a rediscovery of Rick Simpson from Canada.

Because of the many proofs from people who have experienced great benefits from using Cannabis Oil, we are compelled to reveal this information and all the proofs that are out there. We therefore want to offer our help to people who want to try Cannabis THC/CBD Oil. 

People and people with pets can also visit us at our Health Centre in France. We offer our help for those who want to get started with the Cannabis Oil. At the health centre, people get all the attention they need. The health centre is located in the middle of nature. It is peaceful, quiet and relaxing. Of course, with us it is also possible to have other retreats, treatments or just to recover from your busy, stressful environment.


The use of the medicinal Cannabis Oil is simple: it is taken orally or via a suppository. For serious illnesses such as cancer, a dose of 3 to 4 drops the size of a grain of dry rice is sufficient to begin with, and can heal the cancer within a short period of time. Hemp Oil can also be applied externally to possible skin cancers, wounds, warts, bumps etc. The list of medicinal conditions is endless...

You will find on this website many documentaries and studies on medicinal Cannabis (Marijuana). There is more and more evidence that the Cannabis plant is the most medicinal plant in the world!

Cannabis Medicine has already helped thousands of our patients and patients worldwide with "incurable" medical conditions.

What other topics can you expect more to see at The Health Cure.

Spirituality is a way of life. The meanings of "religion" and "spirituality" are often very close to each other. In a strict sense, it indicates consciousness, the human soul or inner being, which has its origin in a divine or other transcendence, or is in relation to a higher reality. Spirituality is a particular, but not necessarily confessionally understood religious attitude to life of a human being, focusing on the transcendent or immanent divine Being, respectively on the principle of transcendent truth or highest reality.

Curing yourself cannot be done only with the use of medication. The human body and mind is enormously powerful. Once you know how powerful you are, then you will be able to solve most of your problems, illnesses etc by yourself.

So you can expect many videos here on The Health Cure about different ways to heal ourselves, nutrition, lifestyle, meditation, how exactly the brain works, consciousness and the subconscious. On this website, you can find and watch many documentaries, series, workshops and news videos on a lot of topics that can awaken humanity. Unfortunately many of these videos will have copyrights. Not our copyrights but those of the filmmakers and publishers.

But in these times, it is necessary to share knowledge. There is a need to wake up the masses. It is not our intention to profit from this. It is the time when people need to know the truth. What is really going on in this world.

If we do nothing at all, we will actually end up with a world we don't want. If we let the World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab) have its way and Bill Gates with his deadly vaccinations then the world really is coming to an end. Not to mention all the other elites at the top of the pyramid. If you don't know about all this, please do some research on WEF, New World Order, Agenda 2030. It is no longer a conspiracy theory. It is fact.

So even though we want a life with love, with compassion, we should not talk about illegal, transgressions etc. We must stand up against the tyrants who want to control our lives. We will keep fighting till the end for our freedom. We don't care about the laws of man. We care about the laws of God, Source, The Universe, Love. Whatever you want to call it. In the end, the light will overcome the darkness.

We wish you a lot of love and light and we hope you can and will learn a lot from these educational and insightful topics.

Much Love, Namasté 

Brian & The Health Cure Team

How to make or obtain Hemp Oil. also known as RSO oil, Cannabis Oil.

On this website you'll find all the information to make the Rick Simpson Oil yourself!

For more information or if you want to use Hemp Oil for your medical complaints, Please click on the contact link above or email us at info@thehealthcure.org or thehealthcure@gmail.com

The Health Cure, has helped thousands of people worldwide since 2009.

The health Cure bears no responsibility for any abuse and/or use of information obtained on this site.

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