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Can cancer and many other serious diseases be cured without pain?

Have you been suffering from pain or serious complaints for a long time?

Has your doctor given up on you? Is there nothing more that medical science can do for you?


The Health Cure

Brian started making hemp oil in 2009. After seeing the movie Run From The Cure, made by RIck Simpson, Brian had the urge to continue his work in Holland. Brian had a website built where you can find all the information about the medical cannabis oil and many more medicinal herbs and plant extracts. As more and more evidence emerged that Cannabis Oil could actually cure people of cancer, among other things, Brian received many enquiries from people seeking help to make the oil for them. Over the years we see that the Cannabis Medicine is becoming more and more tolerated in many countries. We are not there yet, but we hope that more doctors and scientists will study this miraculous plant. Since 2009, The Health Cure has been able to build a large database of people who have experienced the tremendous benefits of Cannabis Oil. And it has been shown that people can and have been cured of cancer in a short period of time. And this without having to suffer through all the chemical treatments and/or medications with their negative side effects.

 Hemp Oil also known as Cannabis or Rick Simpson Oil is a rediscovery of Rick Simpson from Canada. (See phoenixtears.ca)

Because of the many proofs from people who have experienced great benefits from using this oil, we are compelled to reveal this information and all the proofs that are out there. We therefore want to offer our help to people who want it.


The use of the medicinal Cannabis Oil is simple: it is taken orally or via a suppository. For serious illnesses such as cancer, a dose of 3 to 4 drops the size of a grain of dry rice is sufficient to begin with, and can heal the cancer within a short period of time. Hemp Oil can also be applied externally to possible skin cancers, wounds, warts, bumps etc. The list of medicinal conditions is endless...

You will find on this website many documentaries and studies on medicinal Cannabis (Marijuana). There is more and more evidence that the Cannabis plant is the most medicinal plant in the world!

Cannabis has already helped many patients with "incurable" medical conditions.


How to make or obtain Hemp Oil. also known as RSO oil, Cannabis Oil.

On this website you'll find all the information to make the Rick Simpson Oil yourself!

For more information or if you want to use Hemp Oil for your medical complaints, Please click on the contact link above or email us at info@thehealthcure.org - By phone 0031 - 6123 83 249

The Health Cure, has helped thousands of people worldwide since 2009.

The health Cure bears no responsibility for any abuse and/or use of information obtained on this site.

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