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UK Epilepsy Patient Needs 30k For High CBD Cannabis Oil in US - BBC

UK Epilepsy Patient Needs 30k For High CBD Cannabis Oil in US - BBC

UK Epilepsy Patient Needs 30k For High CBD Cannabis Oil in US - BBC

Van Davies, 16 has 100 seizures a week. As a result of his epilepsy his parents say he has not been able to have a normal childhood, having to be under almost 24-hour visual in case he becomes in danger of hurting himself from a sudden convulsion.
After trying different legally available drugs and special diets Van's parents went searching for other treatment options and discovered families treating children with a type of cannabis oil high in CBD.

Cannabidiol is the second most common cannabinoid in cannabis and rather than producing a high or euphoric feeling it actually negates the psychoactive effects of the more abundant molecule smokers are usually after, THC.
While THC has many medicinal benefits of its own, CBD has shown to be even more beneficial to a wider range of potential life complicating illnesses and disorders. The anti-convulsive and anti-seizure properties of the plant extract have been well documented by a number of medical marijuana centers and dispensaries in the US, particularly in pediatric epilepsy patients.
Many thousands of people have followed the stories of Jayden and Charlotte who have managed to stay seizure free for over a year thanks to the CBD rich cannabis tinctures. The stories have created such a buzz that it has influenced families desperate for a treatment for their child to move across the country to states like Colorado that allow medical licenses for child cannabis treatments in the hope that they may get it.
For 16 year old Van though, he is in the UK and would need 30,000 to reach the US and be able to have his treatment. A worrying question to pose yet necessary; what happens when he has to return to the UK and his medication all of a sudden becomes a controlled substance? Would the UK Home Office be so cruel to deny this boy his medicine if it worked?
The sad answer to that is probably yes. Epilepsy affects around 500,000 people in the UK and approximately 1,500 that suffer with rarer forms such as Dravet's who sometimes have over 300 clonic tonic and grand mal seizures daily.
CBD cannabis is not grown in as much abundance as THC varieties in medical states and the genetics used are usually kept from specific chemotypes (from the same mother plant) high in that cannabinoid, and is primarily reserved for the most severe patient cases.
The Realm of Caring and RiverRock Wellness have patient tailored CBD medication programs in Colorado and there are many others, but the amount of time and space it takes to produce are limited to the number of patients they can really help provide the much needed medicine to. The work they are doing is sending shockwaves around the world and reaching the homes of families that have had no prior connection to cannabis. Not such an evil weed after all.
Shockingly Van is not actually as far away from the medicine he desperately needs to try to see if he can have some resemblance of a normal life that others are finding possible with CBD cannabis oil. GW Pharmaceuticals have been growing both high THC and CBD rich varieties along with a whole host of others since 1998. Thanks to special licensing from the Home Office they have the sole entitlement to research and develop medicines for from the cannabis plant. In 2005 they released Sativex a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD for the treatment of MS spasticity and is also awaiting approval for cancer pain treatment. At the end of 2013 GW announced that their new preparation Epidiolex was going to be trialed with 25 children in the US with severe pediatric epilepsies.
A journey of 5000 miles and a sum of 30k to get a treatment that is grown and produced on the same small island. What is wrong with the policy makers in Britain. When we can prevent suffering we must do everything we can. Epilepsy charities in the UK need to be pressuring their MP's, the Home Office and directly to the Prime Minister David Cameron for the urgent review to at least start trials for these drugs in the United Kingdom.
Many patients around the world have grown tired of waiting for their governments to legalise and make their treatment available and have turned to growing their own at home. It is not against the law to buy cannabis seeds in Britain, and thanks to the global culture there are a wide variety of seeds available many people manage to find something that works for them.
If cannabis testing facilities were accessible in the UK there would be better knowledge as to what a strains chemical profile was, allowing patients a better choice and minimize any harms. While THC may be ok for some epilepsy patients it can cause convulsions in others, patients left looking for something that works should be reduced to looking on the black market or risking alternatives that may be unsafe for them.

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Posted By The Health Cure, 5 Februari 2014

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