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The documentary is about Shyloh. She was born with 100% fatal
brain cancer that gave her severe epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and strokes by
two months old. In the last hours of her life, Shylohs father began treating her with
cannabis to control her seizures and reduce her terrible suffering.

Instead of dying, she began to dramatically improve. By combining different strains
of cannabis-including a landrace Sativa from Asia that is unavailable in the
West-I was able to put Shyloh's Stage 4 cancer into full remission and
completely control her cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Shyloh has been
cancer-free for a year and a half. As she received no other treatments-no
chemotherapy, no radiation therapy, no surgery, no pharmaceuticals-she is
living proof that cannabis can successfully treat advanced Stage 4 cancer,
epilepsy, cerebral palsy, strokes, and brain injury.

In addition to telling Shyloh's story, the enclosed documentary also gives
physical proof of an international conspiracy to hide the medical
effectiveness of cannabis, as well as the real reason why Cannabis
Prohibition began in 1937.

To see the documentary click on the link below.


The Health Cure thanks the father of Shyloh for sending this beautiful and interesting  documentary.

Posted By The Health Cure, March 9 2015

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  • The Health Cure

    Rick Simpson, THC oil, Hemp oil, Cannabis oil, phoenixtears.ca. CBD and Cancer or THC and Cancer.
    Cannabinoids, CBD receptors.
    Share this information please.

  • lightroom55

    Thanks 4 sharing Brian-Bro', a real Enlightening reality, still convinced that we did the right thing and it would be positive to complete this dream 'n help who ever in need.............always with Love, if possible. Claudio & Tribe

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