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Proof Cannabis Can Cure Cancer

A compilation of clips from various news broadcasts over 10 years ago.
We are not there yet, but Cannabis as medicine is becoming more and more accepted by people and still some doctors. Although it is said that it still needs to be researched, there are thousands of documents retrievable with provable scientific evidence. The question is, How long should a plant be examined? While tens of thousands of people and doctors have proven that it is good for a lot of diseases and have even cured them!

We are fighting a very big giant called Big Pharma, which of course have huge interests that Cannabis should never become legal, because on what grows in Nature like Cannabis and is very effective for a lot of diseases, cannot be patented!

Therefore, they will do everything to genetically manipulate this plant so that THEY can patent it again. And that we will have another fake medicine on the market which most probably will not help. That's how Big Pharma works!

Take back the right to be able to heal yourself! If you want this yourself, of course. The human being, however, has every right to do so!

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