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Gerard Paturel - Gout Cured on Hemp Oil!

Gerard Paturel - Gout Cured on Hemp Oil!

Gerard Paturel - Gout Cured on Hemp Oil!

Already a long time pot smoker in Woodstock, Gerard took the ball and ran with it once he learned about the Rick Simpson story. As amazing as Gerard's cure of gout and other health issues is (loosing over 100 pounds, lowering his blood pressure, sleeping better and having more energy now than when he was decades younger [even though he was athletic all his life]) what is even more amazing are his "experiences" with the law in California. A great storyteller, Gerard tells his tales of court, swayed judges and dirty cops. How can we NOT have such corruption while trying at the same time to keep an unconstitutional law in place. Even though everyone hates a dirty cop take a look at the entire picture and why the police can't give back the pot the courts ordered to be given back*** Gerard broke a precedent "We never give hippies their pot back!"

Despite great indignations ("What a nice pocket knife. I think I'll keep this for now as nice things like this get stolen at the police station" or the judge making him go to 20 AA meetings when he was picked up falsely for drunk driving (Gerard never drinks anything being a pot monogamist)...Gerard keeps way cool and in the end goes to 37 AA meetings and lost so much weight the judge didn't recognize him. The improvement was so dramatic she (the judge) turned around on the hash oil issue! She could see this was clearly real medicine (Gerard shows his picture of himself as a fat person briefly in the video). Thus the judge wrote a court order to return Gerard's hash which Gerard had to prove in court IS marijuana ("legal" in CA, right?) If Gerard's story of legality in CA is true all true cannabis activists should push for whatever they DIDN'T try to do in CA. Legality (regulation/taxation) is not the direction. It doesn't work as much as the hemp oil DOES..
Lets find an economic system more in synch with reality - the kind of reality that Gerard displays with his wonderful cures through the remedies of his genius inventor friend Richard.
***therefore when laws are being drawn up right now to supply the medical marijuana patients with confiscated pot taken from other otherwise law abiding citizens does this bode well for the deep art of healing? How can stolen medicine be good medicine?

Source: Youtube
Posted By The Health Cure, Februari 24 2014

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  • David bell

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