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From Stage 3 Colon Cancer to NO Cancer Detected in 4 Months

A cancer diagnosis can be very frightening, making it difficult to make decisions. I want to help give people more options and alternative solutions to evaluate.

We are not telling anyone that they need to implement these alternative solutions, but there are things people need to be aware of if they have cancer.

Fred was diagnosed in 2020 with stage 3, borderline stage 4, colon cancer and in just four months he was cancer-free.

In this interview, Fred shares his cancer story, how he discovered alternative options, and how he survived.

Fred attributes his success to a strict organic ketogenic diet, prolonged and intermittent fasting, key knowledge from his martial arts training, psychotherapy, and a unique nutritional protocol.

Instead of doing the 24 sessions of chemotherapy the doctors originally recommended, Fred chose to do only three sessions and to otherwise tackle his cancer naturally.

The book "How my Immune System beat cancer" is written by Fred Evrad and it provides a captivating account of his journey through one of the toughest challenges he ever encountered in life – beating cancer. From his diagnosis until his eventual recovery, Evrad recounts the numerous obstacles he had to overcome, the different treatments that were administered on him, and the self-care steps he took to boost his immune system. Through this book, readers are taken on an inspiring journey that highlights the importance of a positive outlook, self-affirmation, and maintaining high optimism levels amidst stressful situations.

The major highlight of this book is the fact that Evrad didn't rely only on traditional cancer therapies alone but rather incorporated scientific evidence-based complementary medical procedures into his fight against cancer. For instance, he embraced acupuncture for its known benefits towards increased immune system function and relaxation, yoga for regression from anxiety and depression and teaching himself new things to improve cognitive health. Evrad also emphasizes the role of a healthy diet, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, and faith to fully support recovery from cancer as well as maintain long-term health.

One of the key takeaways from the book is the power of the mind in influencing outcomes. He shares how the mind can have a huge role in regulating the immune system and how he channeled his mind towards positivity despite the dire diagnosis he received. It is said that the placebo effect can cause changes that are just as incredible as those caused by powerful medications if the patient believes they are getting better, and it seems like having a positive attitude plays a vital role in achieving good health.

Another great aspect about the book is its simplicity and relatability. Evrad's story resonates with readers because it is so honest and personal, making it easy to understand, which helps when trying to apply the information provided to our own lives. The way he communicates information and data elevate the level of understanding regarding a disease that has remained an unsolved puzzle for years. Additionally, the author helps readers to understand what is happening in the body when one is undergoing cancer treatment or boosting their immune system, making it easier for them to make informed decisions about their care, and what actions to take.

In conclusion, "How my Immune System beat cancer" is a profound book full of valuable insights that are relevant not just to those dealing with cancer but to anyone who desires optimal health. Readers will find the story both compelling and informative, as Evrad uses his own experience to show how we all have so much control over our own destinies through our behaviours, habits and mindset towards reestablishing a healthy balance in our body. It is especially impactful as it highlights how the combination of different medical procedures (traditional and complementary) and an affirming mentality can have a positive impact on mental and physical health. It is recommended reading for anyone looking to learn more about how they can take a more active role in their health and wellbeing.

Fred Evrard's Book (HOW MY IMMUNE SYSTEM BEAT CANCER) HERE: https://amzn.to/3MGjOE1

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