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Epilepsy Seizures Cured after Ingesting Cannabis Oil With High Counts of CBD

Epilepsy Seizures Cured after Ingesting Cannabis Oil With High Counts of CBD

Epilepsy Seizures Cured after Ingesting Cannabis Oil With High Counts of CBD

Dravet syndrome is a severe myoclonic epilepsy whose onset occurs in infancy. Those with Dravet may have upwards of 100 seizures per day. The most intense episodes can last for 15 minutes to up to an hour. There is no known cure. The best available treatment is to minimize seizures, which are precipitated by environmental stress.

The longer a person has an epileptic attack, the higher the likelihood that prolonged damage could occur. Dravet seizures are so intense and long that brain development is delayed. In severe cases, a seizure may cause cardiac arrest. Each day can vary drastically for those with Dravet. There are a variety of pharmaceutical anticonvulsants available, but none of them eliminate seizures, and all have side effects.

Recently, a group of families affected by Dravet have turned to CBD-rich cannabis as a treatment for their children. These families have formed a Facebook group with close to 200 members that allows members to provide support, compare notes, and to share experiences. Some had initial reservations about using cannabis on their children, but were eager to try alternatives to conventional pharmaceuticals.  The prospect of less- psychoactive cannabis piqued their interest, especially in light of the anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

Suzie Engelhardt, mother of Regan (age 7), said that pharmaceutical medications left her daughter “like a zombie” and did not properly control seizures. Jason David, whose son Jayden is 5 and was featured on “Weed Wars”, reported that his son was having 100-300 myoclonic seizures per day despite taking 12 different pharmaceutical drugs. Rebecca Hamilton Brown’s son Cooper is 14 and has been using cannabis since last year. Brown describes her son as “highly functional” as a result, and explains, “parents of children with Dravet often get to a point of feeling scared and desperate… they tend to be open to alternatives.”

All of the families have reported improvement in their children’s health after using CBD cannabis. Cooper Brown is virtually seizure free since he has been using 3:1 CBD/THC oil capsules. His mother reports that his overall mood is much improved and his appetite has increased. Rebecca says that even though Cooper is not completely seizure free, the CBD cannabis regimen has “improved the frequency and severity of [his] seizures”.

After experimenting with different strains and CBD ratios, Regan Engelhardt’s daily seizure frequency fell from 50 seizures per night down to five. Before cannabis, her seizures dramatically altered her ability to walk, sleep, eat, or drink (she had been hospitalized for dehydration as a result). According to her mother, the pharmaceutical medications delayed her ability to walk until the age of 2 and left her “catatonic.” Currently, Regan’s cannabis medicine has allowed her to be weaned off one pharmaceutical medication, has increased focus, and is able to sleep through the night. “You see so much more light back in her eyes” her mother Suzie says. “Just a couple of weeks ago I wondered if she would ever come back.”

Jayden David has made vast improvements as well. His father reports that his walking is better (Jayden was previously non-ambulatory). He can now swim, an activity he adores, without having a seizure. Jason says that Jayden’s eye contact is “100 times better” and his “comprehension has greatly increased”.

All of the families interviewed have been using CBD strains with varying ratios and forms. Each has had to use trial and error to find what is most beneficial for their child. Jason David says that he “has to play doctor” for his son by experimenting with countless CBD/THC ratios for Jayden, finally settling on a CBD glycerin tincture. It has been a constant struggle to pin down the right strain and keep a steady supply for his son, despite living in California.

Maintaining a reliable supply is invaluable to families. “You see results” says Suzie Engelhardt, “and you want to keep it that way.” All the families have faced similar challenges and have to cope with the ebb and flow of plant material for their child’s treatment.

All of the families interviewed live in medical cannabis states (California, Michigan, and Washington) with functioning analytical labs. The parents interviewed report that dispensaries’ supply of CBD medicine is problematic, if they carry CBD medicine at all. Suzie Engelhardt called over 100 dispensaries seeking plant material with above a 3:1 CBD/THC ratio, even having to resort to looking for CBD medicine on Craigslist!

None of the families have noted any criticism of their decision to use cannabis for their children. Rather, the public has been supportive and understand Dravet families simply want to do anything that will help affected children. As Brown puts it, “my kid is [virtually] seizure free, how can you argue with that?” Luckily these families have mutual support and the encouragement of the medical cannabis community. The next step is to ensure reliable access to CBD medicine.

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26 thoughts on “Epilepsy Seizures Cured after Ingesting Cannabis Oil With High Counts of CBD”

  • home health compare...

    Hello! For News Magazine Blog I like The Health Cure very much....

  • Tamuna

    My daughter has seizures can you tell me how much should be the ingredients of TCH and CBD in the cannabis oil?
    Thank you in advance.

  • Shy

    the ingredients of TCH & CBD in the cannabis oil will vary with the type of flower used to make oil. You are looking for the lowest THC possible plant and the Highest in CBD. In BC we use a lot of Critical Mass and THE Ultimate. Both are in the range of THC: 3.5 to 6 & CBD of 5 - 6
    I make HIGH CBD Glycerin tincture, that I find works really well as an add on to any oil product " the body can not get enough CBD's" good luck in your search

  • Aron

    Thank you for continuing to shed more light on these two topics so close to heart- epilepsy and it's variants, and cannibis legalization. As an epileptic I follow any news on non-pharacutecal treatment that exists as our medications are so debilitating. As a libertarian I am so offended when simple freedoms (especially the freedom to use a plant from the ground to make our lives better!) are held back.

    THANK YOU for helping these critical seizure patients who need so much attention. They've been left out in the cold by a system that wants them to take more and more of the same old meds instead of looking at all options.

  • CLLIr

    Can anyone give me information,my daughter has had seizures since birth.

  • james

    Why not just use hemp oil? is there a difference between hemp and med marijuana with high cbd?

  • Brittnie

    Hemp is Cannabis' legal cousin. It does not have any THC, and thus does not have the medical benefits that cannabis offers. It is the CBD that is regarded as having medicinal benefits, but for the CBD to work properly it need to react with THC, it only needs a small amount that is why most look for the lowest THC to CBD ratio. Cancer especially is one of those diseases that greatly benefits from the interaction of THC and CBD-the reaction eats cancer cells. Epilepsy does not need too much THC, but is best treated with at least a small amount.

  • Denia

    Is there a difference between hemp and med marijuana? I seen that hemp is very high in CBD, and med marijuana you have to find high CBD and low THC. We live in Texas where medical marijuana is still outlawed, but hemp oil is not.
    We were thinking of trying the oil on Jen for her siezures. The doctors have not told us exactaly what she has. The only thing we know for sure, is that she has myclonic Absence Siezures since she was 6 months and now she is 10 years old, and she is mentally challenged. She can walk, and laughs alot, but doesn't really speak.

  • Amanda

    I am Amanda from texas usa,my son was suffering from this devilish disease called epilepsy when i heard about how cannabis oil have been curing this disease i decided giving it a trial,i saw an article on cannabis oil so i contacted them via email and within 5 days the cannabis oil was delivered to my address and apart from that he gave me instructions on how to use the oil. My son is now free and no longer an epileptic patient.To my greatest surprise this cannabis oil works like a magic.

    • Kristin Evans

      Hello Amanda - I saw you post this exact thing on another parent blog for kids and seizures. I am so tempted to go ahead and send my money to cancer centre london but it seems too easy. Please give me more information that will help me make this decision. How legally without a red card or any other form of legal transfer, can Dr. Anson send the oil to the states? Thank you for your prompt reply as I have a child also with Epilepsy and want to do whatever it takes to help her. Thank you

    • Rietha Crafford
      Rietha Crafford May 7, 2014 at 22:41


      Can you please provide me with the address where I can order CBD oil from and tell me the quantity (how much) per dose and how often to use this CBD oil

      my email address is rietha-c@ophrah.co.za

      Thank you


    • Amey

      I also live in Texas and my sons diagnosis of epilepsy was recent . Can you please share what website you used to order the cdb oil from as there are a number of them out there. Thanks so much.

    • Suan

      Looking for some CBD oil for my granddaughter to help with seizures. Where did you get yours, is it expensive. Thanks for helping. Worried Gma

  • Magdalena

    Hi Amanda, I'm mother of 6 yold boy, he was diagnosed. 2 years ago. There are no words to describe how much me and my husband we are suffer. You understand this very good. It's so good to hear these news from you!!!!! Definitely we are going to try this but we live in Ireland and we have to wait for legalise I hope it want be long. Maybe we could contact....

  • Pamela

    My daughter Heather started having seizures at 19 years old. She is now 31. The doctors can't help her migraines and mini seizures. She takes so many pills to keep her from having grand mall seizures. They can not find out what is causing them. Even with pills, she has migraines every day. She is now having optical seizures. Will the oil help her as an adult? I live in Vancouver, WA where marijuania is legal. Thank you.

  • Dawn

    My 6 yr old son suffers from epilepsy also along with having cerebral palsy. They are not controlled even with the trileptal he is on. I am interested in knowing more about this please. If someone could send me info or anything else that might help out I would greatly appreciate it, I am desperate at this point. I am tired of watching my baby bear suffer! My email is mindgamemania@gmail.com thank you for your time!

  • Melissa

    My son has been having seizures since he was 10 years old. He is 14 now. Medication has only decreased the severity of the seizure, has not made him seizure free. we decided to try hemp oil. Hes been seizure free for a few weeks now. Also looking at marijuana oil. good luck everyone!

  • steve

    curious to know how this product can help me with my seizures that are caused by calcium deposit in right side of brain. have already tried to talk about surgery but not possible due to damage to done to left side. Body overcomes meds in short time . keep increasing dosage ,almost to end of dosage allowed. If you have answers please let me know

  • Todd

    Who did you contact to get the CBD oil? Our 10 week old baby has been having seizures since 4 weeks. They have tried Trileptal, phenobarbital, Keppra, Vimpat and many other drugs, and none of them have worked. I live in Pennsylvsnia. Someone please help us - you can contact me at todd_boylan@hotmail.com. Thank you and God bless.

  • Angelica

    My daughter is 5 going on 6 & has been having zeazures everyday up to 50+ a day we started her on tegretol almost 3yrs ago & haven't seen a big change & it gives her terrible side effects I'm tired of giving her so much meds & seeing so little results please help my husband uses medical cannabis & I don't mind giving my daughter anything natural based but I need help on knowing how much to give her & what type her condition is called "paroxysmal choreoathetosis"

  • Jacob

    Who to you contact for this oil? The only thing I've seen is from dixie.

  • Michelle

    Amanda, was that cbd oil Dixie botanicals or cibdex brand cbd oil drops? I used it for my dog with grand mal cluster seizures and they had stopped for 3 months, which was really good considering he used to have several every two to three weeks. i stopped giving the cbd oil for a few months because i was also trying other meds in conjunction, and i wasn't sure which one was really helping. but once i did this the seizures came more often again, so now i am convinced it was the cbd oil that was helping him.
    Just curious if it is hemp oil, how much of the dropper did you give her (one third, one half or the whole dropper and how many times a day?) also how much does she weigh, I am looking for a more precise dosage for my dog that weights approx 35 pounds. If anyone else would like to answer about the dosage that would be great. I have both Dixie botanicals 500 mg and Cibdex 500 mg.

  • Ronny

    Unfortunately epilepsy can be 100% cured, but doesn't mean you can have a normal life, of course with a treatment... about 70% of people with epilepsy reduce the seizures to minimal, here's another useful article: http://www.epilepsyc.com/article/can-epilepsy-be-cured-3

  • lucy

    Amanda or anyone who know where can i buy canabis oil to treat epilepsy? My dad and son have epilepsy. Need help.

  • Rhonda

    Amanda...where did you buy it? Which brand? Hose did you dose it? I have the same situation as your son. Thank you for any light you can shed on this!!

    Best-- Rhonda

  • Al Bannon

    Please let me know where on the internet you were able to order the cannabis oil. Thanks.

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