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Theresa Bullard, Ph.D. deftly interweaves complex concepts from ancient mystery teachings and quantum physics to bring us real-world ways in which we can deepen our spiritual connections and manifest a fulfilled life. Season 1: Revelations from quantum science reaffirm ancient mystery school teachings. Discover how you can change the way you live and think, to paradigm shift into a new reality.

  • Spiritual Alchemy & Divine Purpose (Episode 4)

    With an understanding of the alchemy of life and healing we can achieve full potential and live the life we were meant to have. Th...
  • From Source to Creation and Back Again (Episode 3)

    Journey from the beginning of the universe to the formation of Earth and life that evolves. Theresa Bullard guides us through diff...
  • Consciousness in the Quantum Paradigm (Episode 1)

    Learn a deeper universal truth about who we are and our spiritual connection with the universe. Theresa Bullard introduces us to t...
  • Accessing the Quantum Gap (Episode 2)

    Discover the secret to accessing your quantum potential and unlock the infinite possibilities found within the zero-point field. T...

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