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A Testimonial February 2020

my name is Chris. I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in lung neck and thyroid in February 2018. I had 30 hits of Radiation.14 chemotherapy {needle{
Got very ill .nearly died in hospital .lost so much weight.i found out about  Healthcare  in the middle of treatment and send for cbd oil at first then sent for the <frankincense oil> I made suppositories with the thc and coconut oil as I read it goes straight into the liver.i used this 3 times daily for months <intense> it took a little time for health to return. they are surprised in the hospital how well I am  and scar tissue is gone and cancer he's not relapse in February 2020 . thank you health cure so much for this great medicine.
also as a bonus it has helped immensely with relief from chronic rheumatoid arthrisitus in all my joints
yours truly
this is Chris friend pat writing this as Chris doesn't do computers .I can testify I have never seen his looking so healthy and happy  so thanks again the health cure .keep up the good work.
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