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A Report From Italy

Ervaring gebruik Hennep Olie van F. Milanti Geschreven door C. Milanti (Engels)

November 2, 2009

Hi Brian, here I come with this report, I hope that can help you and many other to understand what it means to make a jump in the dark away from the imposed medical system.

With Lot of Love,
Claudio & Janet + Kids

Fausto was my brother, affected by various tumors and Metastasis from the low intestine up to his Hart, Longs, Kidney and Aorta I’ve been next to him for a week, he’s last week where I’ve been supplying Hemp-Oil and recording the effects on his body & mind. I’ve noticed that the papers from the hospital did not give any positive-prospective. We were ready for the worst and we hoped until the last minute in a kind of miracle, only on that level would have being possible to fantasize a bit. Considering that the whole period was burned in 5 months, it has being all ready a blessing to get the chance of helping him in the last moments of he’s life. The Hemp-Oil has done the work and transformed he’s status from a constant pain presence into meditating moments, just like it shall be for everybody.

Seven days of observation on effects by Hemp-Oil

Wednesday 14th October 09 – Arrived by my brother at 15pm – He was clearly in a painful moment just like the previous day and the day before. Doctors have suggested using a plaster instead of the usual injection with Morphine. The plaster would release a kind of pain-stiller through the skin, this product it’s not Morphine-made but a looking alike substance. The body present few marks like: lips where almost white/Face quite the same with a dark aura around the eyes/The hand-nails where half way become blue colored, intensive-blue/He’s low intestine-region was very swallow because the use of Morphine and the derivate constipation is a usual consequences. He couldn’t rest; the constant pain involving the whole body wouldn’t let him in peace. No appetite. He didn’t left the bed for more than a week.
I gave him 1x drop Hemp-Oil and 4 hours later again 1x drop.
After the second time he felt in sleep for almost the whole night. The pain was already acceptable.

Thursday 15th October 09 – I gave him 5x drops distributed through the day, every 4 hours. At 9am he ask for something to eat. He had some Thee and 1 cookie too. His skin-color has all ready turned into a nice rose-red. Lips are back to red. He asked for the chair and moved to the living room. His body is releasing air through our natural ways, something it’s moving inside. He went to Toilet but with very few results to obtain. He can pee. He slept the whole afternoon and the night too. The pain remains under control.

Friday 16th October 09 – I gave him 5x drops distributed through the day, every 4 hours. I’ve seen that the nails are going back to their normal color, the blue has being replaced into rose. We have the results from the blood-test, all the levels did not change since two days ago, into other words, he’s body seems to be stabilized. He slept most of the day and the following night too. He’s belly still swallow. Body temperature 37,2. He did not eat but he had a kind of liquid-integrator made out minerals and proteins.

Saturday 17th October 09 – I went to visit my mother with my brother’s daughter, I’ve left instructions over the medicine and the dosing of it 5x drops distributed through the day, every 4 hours. My brother has released everything from he’s intestine in three separate sessions. The rests where solid but also a lot of digested blood, he has vomited also a brown liquid and by a close examination it result in something having no smell at all, it was digested blood too. He was feeling much better. He slept a lot.

Sunday 18 October – I was back in the afternoon and I went checking my brother, he had the Oil so as asked, 5x drops distributed through the day, every 4 hours. I believe also that they may have given a bit more than expected. He had a solution of water and sugar in order to prevent dehydration. Blood transfusion has been dropped. He did not move from he’s bed. Sleeping still going good, the pain is almost disappear.

Monday 19th October – I’ve interrupted the medications for half day in order to understand if he could notice the difference, in the afternoon he was in pain again so we carried-on giving the Oil. He slept the following hours. At 6pm he requested to go to the toilet, me and my brother-in-law had to carry him. At changing, from laying-down to the sitting position was losing blood from his nose. He could sleep through the whole night. He didn’t eat anything during the day.

Tuesday 20th October 09 – Again treated with Oil 5x, he sleep and don’t eat. The blood-exams did not carry any news, the values where exactly the same of the last time. Sometime he wake-up with a clear mind and sometime with this visions where he see things that we do not see. I’m guiding my brother through this “passage” with Love.

Wednesday 21st October 09 – My fly-ticket was a fixed-one, I had to fly back to Holland. I arrived at 9pm at home, at 10,30pm my sister calls me, and our brother had left the body few minutes before.

Thank you Brian from the entire Millanti’s Family.

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