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Treatment And Retreats

Treatment and Retreats in France (Bourgogne, Morvan)

We welcome you in France in a natural environment. With peace, quiet and natural healthy air.

We provide care, retreats, healing, relaxation, awareness and excursions.

Healthy diet, exercise and meditation. The moment to find your inner self again.

Find your peace at our private lake, near the waterfalls and the awesome view.

Resort Bousset has a wonderful location for giving health treatments, Success and motivation workshops and courses.

Also for different retreats, our location offers many possibilities!

Are you interested as a company or person to give your clients your treatments, workshops or courses?

Please contact Resort Bousset to discuss the possibilities.

A good time for your health and wellbeing.

People with medicinal conditions are always welcome at Resort Bousset for a special treatment or just for the peace and well-being to recover from your busy and stressful situation. It is off course always possible to decide at the Resort what kind of treatments or workshops you prefer. (Accommodations are for minimum of 7 days)

The 60 or 90 days treatment Package (Cancer)

Arrival is on Monday and departure is on Sunday

You will start the 60 or a 90 day treatment (According to the Rick Simpson protocol) at the Resort for a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 14 days.

The treatment will start with a The Health Cure Pre-Mixed oil 2.0 tincture. Special herbs, such as graviola (soursop) leaves, Zeolite, Curcumin with black pepper, etc. and nutrition will be also part of the treatment. After 7 or 14 days you will finish your treatment at home. Of course, you will go home with all the information you need to continue your treatment.

We will guide you and give you all the information and care for 7 or 14 days with the 60 or 90 days treatment.  The first 7 or 14 days of the treatment is a build up phase for building up your body tolerance for the strong Essential Oil. And that you will become familiar with this essential oil.

To finish your treatment after 7 or 14 days, The Health Cure will send the remains of your treatment to the address you provide them.

This offer is based on which the following are included:

  • The person for whom the treatment is intended and maximum 1 fellow traveller (husband, wife or a friend) Total 2 Persons 
  • The total program for 60 or 90 days treatment (7 or 14 days at the resort)
  • Pick up and transfer from and to the train station Le Creusot  (Arrival is on Monday and departure is on Sunday)
  • Morning, Evening Meditations and/or Workshops
  • Treatments (Reiki and EFT)
  • Clean towels
  • Fresh clean bed linen
  • Bathrobes
  • Cleaning
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Shampoo and soap GMO-free
  • Wood for fire pit
  • Water facilities

Any use that does not included the program will be charged at checkout.

How does it work.

  1. Book a treatment of your choice below
  2. Choose a package you prefer.
  3. Finish your booking.

Prices :

Book here 7 days arrangement with 60 days treatment (30ml. Essential Frankincense Oil) = € 1740,-

Book here 7 days arrangement with 90 days treatment (60ml. Essential Frankincense Oil) = € 2490,-

Book here 14 days arrangement with 60 days treatment (30ml. Essential Frankincense Oil) = € 2895,-

Book here 14 days arrangement with 90 days treatment (60ml. Essential Frankincense Oil) = € 3645,-


(19 September - 25 September) (26 September - 2 Oktober) (3 Oktober - 9 Oktbober) (24 Oktober - 30 Oktober) (31 Oktober - 6 November) (7 November - 13 November) (14 November - 20 November) (21 November - 27 November)

Another date can be discussed!

For more information click https://www.resortbousset.com


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