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What is Medicinal Hemp?

A medicinal crop of Shiva Shanti, a potent Cannabis Indica strain

A medicinal crop of Shiva Shanti, a potent Cannabis Indica strain

Medicinal hemp, also known as medical marijuana and medi-wiet, refers to cannabis when it is used to treat or relieve a symptom, ailment or condition rather than for recreational or spiritual purposes. Any cannabis which contains an effective amount of active cannabinoids (i.e. not industrial hemp) can be considered medicinal cannabis if it is used for that purpose.

The history of medicinal marijuana use dates back to the earliest eras of medicine and pharmacology, when humans first began to deliberately use plants for their effects on the body rather than simply as a source of nutrition. The first recorded mention of cannabis used in a medical context comes from the Shennong pên Ts’ao ching (the Great Herbal encyclopedia of the Emperor Shennong),one of the earliest texts on herbal medicine, which dates back to 2700 BCE.

Cannabis continued to be an essential part of countless medicines, from cough syrup to digestive aids, from painkillers to corn plasters. After opiates, cannabis was the world’s most widely prescribed medicinal plant extract, until it was abruptly prohibited in many parts of the world during the 1930s.

Thankfully, a rediscovery in recent decades of the natural advantages of marijuana as a medicine has led to a resurgence in its use. In modern times, most patients opt to medicate using cannabis in its natural form, as opposed to concentrated or synthetic versions. Herbal cannabis and its extracts can enable more control and better judgment of dosage and can also impart fuller range of cannabinoids, many of which seem to have beneficial interactions when taken together.

Sensi Seeds varieties offer a wide range of choice for medicinal growers to select the best types of cannabis for their requirements. Our unparalleled collection of strains was selected by the Dutch government as the basis for their medicinal marijuana program, and has been described by Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry Lester Grinspoon M.D. as ‘the most comprehensive cannabis gene-bank in the world.’

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