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Sound Of Creation - Sacred Secrets of Sound (Episode 1)

Everything in our Universe vibrates. Everything is vibration, everything is energy. This series is about the sacred secrets of sound. Sound is also vibration. So the point of this series is also to teach you that sound can also be very important for healing people. Once you have taken this understanding, it will become clear why sound can heal the body.

Many have heard: “At first there was the word,” but does this really mean all of existence first sprang from sound? Connecting religions, magic, and quantum physics with ancient knowledge of Egypt, Tibet, native tribes, origin stories of religions, and more, experts across fields use sacred geometry and modern science to analyze humanity’s universal links with sound.

Discussing evolution and the Big Bang in relation to consciousness, Gregg Braden, William Henry, Billy Carson, Nassim Haramein, Robert Grant, Dr. Theresa Bullard, and others explore the origins of consciousness in our universe regarding vibrations, frequency, and the sounds of creation.

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