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Is Hemp Oil the Cancer Cure All?


Is Hemp Oil the Cancer Cure All?

Tommy Chong claims he is going to beat cancer with hemp oil. His “Doctor” is Rick Simpson, a Canadian who had to flee his country because the government was coming after him.

In the video below Simpson claims hemp oil can cure or improve a variety of medical conditions, skin conditions, cancer and so on. They also discuss the value in hemp to build houses, make paper and to eat. Overall, they are basically saying this is proof that government is guilty of a breech of trust.

On the flip side:

Medical marijuana champion Dr Lester Grinspoon, who is Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, has spoken out against the claims.

He said: ‘There is little doubt that cannabis now may play some non-curative roles in the treatment of this disease (or diseases) because it is often useful to cancer patients who suffer from nausea, anorexia depression, anxiety, pain, and insomnia.

‘However, while there is growing evidence from animal studies that it may shrink tumor cells and cause other promising salutary effects in some cancers, there is no present evidence that it cures any of the many different types of cancer.

‘I think the day will come when it or some cannabinoid derivatives will be demonstrated to have cancer curative powers, but in the meantime, we must be very cautious about what we promise these patients.’

We might have these answers if hemp were legal, but it’s not. Will we one day realize our laws allowed us to destroy the rain forest, increase cancer rates and strip our land of nutrients? Hopefully we can find out soon.

Source : The Natural Independent

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