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Curing Myself of Cancer - Cannabis Oil

Curing Myself of Cancer Cannabis Oil

Curing Myself of Cancer - Cannabis Oil

The start of my journey - I have been written off by the medical community and sent home to die...... I am going to cure myself using Cannabis oil and by eating and consuming all thing s to do with hemp in its freshest form in foods such as juicing it, salading it etc.

This is the first video uploaded showing evidence of my cancers of the Colon and the Liver....I show you the drugs I am currently on and that will fall to the wayside as the cannabis oil takes effect and starts to cure me

I will try to get photo evidence from the scans to upload as well - I can only ask the surgeons for printed copies - not likely they will give me copies but i am going to ask............. to further evidence the cancers to you.

I am not a scientific person nor am I that bright and intelligent, I will however try hard to document accurately my journey and the cure that results form it....... Let the cure begin.

Source: Youtube

Posted by The Health Cure, November 17 2013

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