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Cannabinoid Treatment For Pain In Cancer Patients


Cannabinoid Treatment For Pain In Cancer Patients

A new report, published in The Journal of Pain states that a multicenter trial has shown that a new cannabinoid treatment is effective in reducing pain in cancer patients who were not obtaining pain relief from opioids alone.

Many cancer patients go through painful episodes which cannot be treated with safe doses of opioids, and therefore, the opioid treatments are ineffective for some people. These patients usually end up taking a combination of treatments to try to fight the pain.

Cannabinoids are now being investigated as a helpful way for cancer sufferers to kick the horrible pain.

For their study, researchers administered volunteers with nabiximols, a cannabinoid which is taken as an oral spray, in order to determine which dose was safe and effective, considering the opiod treatments don't work for everyone.

The patients involved in the study were currently battling cancer and reported having moderate to severe pain levels even after opioid treatment.

The trial involved a baseline time of 5 to 14 days, 5 weeks of treatment, and a follow up study visit two weeks later. The patients answered questions regarding their quality of sleep, how many times they were spraying the nabiximols, and their pain levels.

The outcome of the investigation revealed that when added to opioid treatment, nabiximols was effective in treating the patients' pain.

The patients who were taking low doses of nabiximols showed a 25% increase in pain relief. However, the authors note that the high-doses were not tolerated well and there was no improvement in pain levels.

According to Medilexicon's medical dictionary:
Cannabinoids are:

"Organic substances present in Cannabis sativa, having a
variety of pharmacologic properties.

Source: Medical News Today

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