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FloraSol Fenugreek / Fenegriek 100 gr.

Fenugreek / Fenegriek

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FloraSol Fenugreek / Fenegriek 100 gr.

Product Description

Fenugreek / Fenegriek


Fenugreek / Fenegriek



Fenugreek seeds has loads and loads of benefits. It tastes good. This tea helps to reduce weight and keeps constipation at bay. Among various spices, Fenugreek seeds offer a wealth of health benefits.

1. It helps to manage Diabetes

2. Improves Digestion

3. Promotes heart health

4. Controls cholesterol

5. Reduce acne and dark spots

6. Prevents hair loss

7. Reduce pain during mensturation

You can use this tea for hair wash after shampooing, or after apply conditioner you can rinse your hair with this tea. But please make sure you cool down the tea before applying to your hair.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture Netherlands
Brand The Health Cure

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